Vintage Building Code Library

We are actively collecting and preserving original code books and are creating this library to share them with you.  At this time we have cover photos of over 350 model codes available for view.  This project will likely never be complete.  We welcome your assistance in collecting and preserving this history.

Why are we creating this?

– To show others what codes existed and so they can tell us of ones we haven’t heard of yet.

– To help others research historic codes by knowing which ones we can help them with.

– To inspire others to love history.

– To ask you to donate your vintage code books to us so we can share them here or with others.

– To sell our duplicate codes to raise money to buy ones we don’t have.

– Okay…yes… we buy books too, but donations are really nice!

How to use the gallery

– Use the “Tag” search feature to filter the gallery by publishing organization and/or trade type.

– Use the “Search” feature to search for specific codes or years.

– The photos are all purposefully taken from the same distance and not cropped.  This way you can see the scale of the book size compared to each other.

– Click a thumbnail photo to see the full-size photo.  In time, we hope to share additional information about the books.

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