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PMGE Fundamentals

Description: This class is helpful for everyone in the construction industry, as it explores the reasoning and science behind many plumbing, mechanical, fuel-gas, and electrical code provisions.  Whether a contractor or code professional, cross-training in these specialized trades offers a better understanding of the work performed and how they “work”.

Length: Approximately 3 hours.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, attendees will…
…Realize the old saying “$hit runs downhill” is completely false.
…Understand the science behind plumbing and gas venting, trap protection, gas pipe sizing and other such codes based in physics.
…Trust that there are sensible reasons for many seemingly arbitrary code provisions.

Continuing Education Units: WILL BE SEEKING APPROVAL for an anticipated 0.3 CEUs from International Code Council (ICC).

Anticipated Course Sessions:
1) P-traps
2) Drains and vents
3) Water distribution
4) Gas pipe sizing
5) Combustion air
6) Drafting
7) Vent terminations
8) Electrical

Here are some draft videos.  We’d love your feedback!