Free Education Still Has a Cost

We just don’t want the student to pay it

Code Education and Technology

There is a need for code eduction in the industry, for both contractor, inspector and everyone in between and around…and it’s not being served. Meanwhile the new business model of internet and mobile technology drives forward, transforming the norm of other industries. This model is creating consumers that expect something free without giving even a promise of purchase, and it’s working. Building Code College believes this model can transform the code industry as well. By providing a hub of building code education resources and a catalog of quality, online, self-paced and free education to professionals, we will build an active campus. The active campus is the product of Building Code College. We welcome sponsors to support our mission and see how it can benefit your industry and your organization or company. We have many ideas for sponsorships and product-specific education that supports code compliance. Contact me if you would like to discuss.

Glenn Mathewson
Building Code College

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