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Exclusive Access at BuildingCodeCollege.com provides unique learning opportunities available only to specific audiences.  These opportunities are funded in a variety of ways in order to provide additional assistance to professionals in certain regions, industries, or organizations.  These resources are regularly changing, ending, and beginning based on available grants, sponsors, and other funding schedules and goals.

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Description: Full Bonus is where Full Enrollment members get total access to everything.  Go to Full Access to binge watch all the Session Videos or pick the one you’re looking for.  Check out the Past Webinars to see the most recent recording of all our Live Webinars.  Do you like learning by exams?  Go to Exam Masters and take exams from any of the On-Demand Courses.  Try the Exam Master Master Exam with random questions from the entire pool of BCC exam questions.  Want to learn more about building code history?  Check out The Library and learn about building code history.

Full Bonus is our way of really going all in on our mission to make building code education easy, accessible, affordable and interesting, 365 days a year.

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Energy Code Circuit Rider

FREE Code Assistance – Nevada & New Mexico Professionals Only


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Description: Nevada and New Mexico have collaborated with the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) in a dedication to educate the building industry on the practicality of energy codes and standards.  The material in this Exclusive Access is a free resource to Nevada and New Mexico building departments, building officials, builders, designers, construction professionals, HERS raters, and BPI specialists intended to help them better understand and comply with modern energy and building codes.

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Assistance can include:

  • Technical support for energy codes and standards via email and telephone (provided below).
  • Code interpretations, installation practices, and compliance and enforcement practices.
  • One-on-one training, in-person training (when available), virtual communications.
  • Resources for energy code compliance, code compliance practices, and other resources successfully deployed in other states and municipalities to support the energy code./li>
  • Conceptual code amendments such as electric vehicles, electrification and climate specific applications to the energy codes or standards.

Your Circuit Rider: Shaunna Mozingo

  • Nevada Email: Click here for support in Nevada.
  • New Mexico Email: Click here for support in New Mexico.

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