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Q: How do I get a CEU Certificate after attending a Live Webinar?

A: During the webinar, the instructor will provide a series of passwords or numbers, depending on the webinar length.  When these are correctly entered in the box on the bottom right of the Webinar Homepage, a dialog box will open and prompt you to download your certificate.  If a prompt to download your certificate does not appear or if you have any other trouble with this process, please email us using the Contact Us form in the main navigation.

Q: How do I enter a coupon code for a Live Webinar?

A: If you have enrolled in a course previously at, be sure you log in first.  Then go to the Webinar Schedule and click the Webinar Homepage button for the webinar you want to enroll in.  At the bottom of the enrollment, enter your coupon code above the payment options.  If you are on an Internet Explorer browser, this box will not appear.  As an alternate, click on the url in your browser and enter the following at the end.  ?coupon=CODE replace “CODE” with your coupon code.  For more details, watch the video to the right.